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Malki, one of the most famous members of the Malaklı dog breed, is an integral part of the Kuzeyboru Sports Club family. By attending the women's volleyball team matches, Malki spends time with the fans, always keeping the team's energy levels high.

You can see Malki everywhere because Malki is not just a club mascot. Like us, Malki also lives in this city. Just like us, he wanders around the city market, shops at the market, goes to the hospital to get vaccinated, and is generous enough to distribute soda to all the staff. Moreover, Malki, closely followed by the city's shopkeepers, is also well known in the Grand Bazaar. Despite his popularity, Malki does not hesitate to show his modesty and has always been respectful to people, just like other Malaklı friends. Malki is so friendly that you can say, "This is what suits a Malaklı!"...

Malki is not more or less valued than the Malaklı breed in Aksaray city; he is exactly a resident of this city. Rest assured, you will see him everywhere in Aksaray. Just like this season, he'll be with you everywhere in the city...

Product Specifications: Height: 28 cm Width: 14 cm

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