1 Meter 1000Mm Sec 4 Hdpe Corrugated Pipe
1 Meter 1000Mm Sec 4 Hdpe Corrugated Pipe

1 Meter 1000Mm Sec 4 Hdpe Corrugated Pipe


Buy 1 Meter 1000Mm Sn 4 HDPE Corrugated Pipe at Affordable Price

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 General Features of Corrugated Pipes

Corrugated pipe It is known for its high pressure resistance and is made of plastic pipes with round or trapezoidal rings that can be shaped so as to exhibit high resistance to pressure and earth movements, which are generally used for the transfer of waste water and sewage water.       Boruburada.com Corrugated pipes TS According to EN 13476-1 and DIN 16961-16566 standards, it is produced as 100-700 mm with a sleeve or seal and 800-2600 mm as a spiral wound corrugated pipe. After the production of corrugated pipes, it started to replace the concrete, asbestos and steel pipes used in the past. Corrugated pipes are used in new projects and in the rehabilitation of old systems. Kuzeyboru Corrugated pipes are a highly durable and economical solution developed for wastewater and sewage systems. For technical details Corrugated Pipe CatalogPlease contact us, we can send it to your address free of charge. Click for Corrugated Pipe Price List..

Corrugated Pipe and Accessories Jointing  Methods

Corrugated pipe or fitting is melted together or mechanically fitted with each other.

Known for corrugated pipes jointing methods; 

  • Self-muff and gasket •Coupler and gasket• Electro Fusion

 Corrugated Pipe Usage Areas

  • Sewerage Systems;- Drainage of domestic waste water  - Drainage of industrial waste water
  • Rainwater drainage lines
  • Sea discharge systems
  • Gravity water supply systems
  • Underground cable lines- Telecom lines- Electrical cable lines
  • Drainage systems for soil and groundwater
  • Discharge of treated water from the treatment facilities to the sea currents
  • River, lake and sea crossings


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