25Mm Pn 16 HDPE Ef Coupling
25Mm Pn 16 HDPE Ef Coupling

25Mm Pn 16 HDPE Ef Coupling


Purchase 25mm PN 16 HDPE EF Coupling at a reasonable price.

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HDPE EF Couplings - HDPE Electrofusion Coupling

HDPE EF Couplings are fittings used assembly made through the electrofusion method. They are used to joining HDPE pipes in areas where butt fusion method is not applicable. One HDPE EF Coupling is used between each pipe along the entire pipeline. Two HDPE pipes of the same diameter are placed into the HDPE EF Coupling, and by applying current to the resistances inside this fitting , the melting of both pipes is induced, ensuring they stick together.

General Features of HDPE EF Couplings

EF Couplings are one of the EF fittings used for direct joining of HDPE Pipes through the electrofusion method. Two HDPE pipes of the same diameter are placed into this cylindrical-shaped fitting. The heat generated by applying current to the resistors inside the Ef coupling  causes the sleeve and both pipes to melt and stick together.

Prices of EF Couplings

Boruburada.com continues to offer safely shopping, high quality, and reasonable price for infrastructure products. Boruburada.com, serving with fair prices and  easy payment terms in HDPE EF Fittings, also provides the best prices for HDPE EF Couplings. You can get HDPE EF Couplings in all diameters ranging from 20MM to 1600MM at the best prices. If you are looking for HDPE EF Couplings, you are in the right place.


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